COMBOS® 7 Later Dip Tortilla

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COMBOS® 7 Later Dip Tortilla

COMBOS 7 Layer Dip Tortilla Baked Snacks have crunchy shells made with stone ground corn and a flavorful fiesta filling will make you say olé! As good as breaking into the dip bowl at a party, but without any of the muss or fuss. This bag full of tasty bites is great for bringing along on a road trip to share with your copilot and any other friends who squeezed into the car. They're also great leverage to get shotgun: everyone will want a bite of the COMBOS Baked Snacks. Enjoy the deliciousness stuffed with awesomeness!

Product info & sizes

GONDOLA PACKCOMBOS® 7 Later Dip Tortilla 6.3OZ 12CS

ZREP: 273148
UCC (GTIN): 10041419420017