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Mars Confectionary and Snacks Rebates

Exclusive savings – check back often to participate in the latest MARS Confectionary and Snacks Rebates. All are for a limited time only so download today and save!

Mars Yearlong Singles & Branded Racks Rebate: Save up to $3,000 in rebates!


Real Rewards Cafe™


Every day, you are making menu and purchase decisions. Each of those purchases can go back into rewarding your foodservice operation.

HERE'S HOW - Purchase decision-makers are eligible to receive rewards by participating in Real Rewards Cafe™. Participating operations have access to the Real Rewards Cafe rewards catalog, qualifying product information, special offers and other tools.


You can expect high quality products from Real Rewards Cafe Member Manufacturers and enjoy redeeming points, acquired through qualifying purchases, for hundreds of great rewards.

Once enrolled, participation is easy

  1. Buy Brands. 
    Purchase qualifying Real Rewards Cafe products
  2. Submit Purchase Verification. 
    Mail copies of distributor invoices to: 
         Real Rewards Cafe 
         PO Box 615 
         Becker, MN 55308-0615
  3. Enjoy Rewards. 
    Shop with your points

Explore Rewards

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Real Rewards Cafe
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Foodservice Rewards®


Foodservice Rewards is an online rewards program that introduces new products & services to foodservice operators and also rewards their ongoing brand loyalty. Members benefit from business-building resources, connections to other industry professionals, and an exclusive menu of rewards. Click here to view a brief video introduction to Foodservice Rewards.

Foodservice Rewards for Operators:

  1. Get Rewards.
    Get rewards for products you may already be purchasing. See sample brands here.
  2. Submit Codes.
    Access a robust website to submit codes and find resources to grow your business.
  3. Enjoy Rewards.
    Redeem your points for valuable items for your business or yourself.
Foodservice Rewards
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