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BEN’S ORIGINAL Brand provides whole grain-forward menu inspiration for adding healthier, on-trend menu items into your rotation using common pantry ingredients. They hold longer than the competition and make the best choice for varying service needs, including DIY bars and modular prep spaces.

Quinoa And Ancient Grain Medley

Quinoa & Ancient Grains Medley

Weight: 2/5 lbs.
Product ID: 10054800424327

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Whole Grain Brown Rice

Whole Grain Brown Rice

Weight: 25 lb.
Product ID: 054800423682 

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Roasted Chicken Flavored Brown Rice

Roasted Chicken Flavored Brown Rice

Weight: 6/24.4 oz.
Product ID: 10054800424211 

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Asian Style Brown Rice

Asian Style Brown Rice

Weight: 6/24.4 oz.
Product ID: 10054800424228 

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Consumers are seeking whole grain dishes on menus across the country. Nutritious and on-trend, whole grains add profit potential to any menu. In fact, 25% of operators who menu similar dishes say their sales have increased in the past year.1

Quinoa is predicted
to grow faster than all other foods, beverages and ingredients over the next 4 years

Brown rice has grown


on menus over the last 4 years and is projected to grow +12% by 20232

Quinoa has grown


on US menus over the last 5 years2

Quinoa is projected to grow


over the next 4 years1

Healthy grains mean healthy profits

46% of operators menu whole or ancient grains to offer healthful options that consumers are willing to purchase. Those same consumers are also likely to welcome more creative applications in newer formats.1


of consumers consider
whole grains healthy3

Protein-rich grains/seeds like

Quinoa ranked as the #1
on-trend ingredient

for 20194

Avocado Toast

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